Peru IC

Ines Lucia CASTILLO SALAZAR (79258)


Date of birth
Place of birth
Boca Raton, United States
Current Residence
Lima, Peru
Spanish, English
International Debut (Senior)
XIX Peru International 2014
Play R or L
Right handed
When and where I began playing and why?
Began playing in Regatas club, Lima Peru in 2010 when I was ten years old. Started playing because of my father who played and was part of the Peruvian team before. I started training in the academy and liked it so I never quitted since then and it got me to where I am today.
When did you start competing or playing competitively?
In 2012 I joined the peruvian national team and started training there, but had my first international championship before in 2011, Colombia (South American junior tournament)
Who has had the greatest influence on your career so far?
My dad
Equipment Sponsor
Memorable sporting achievement
South American junior singles champion and doubles champion multiple times – Panam 2018 bronze medal women doubles – National champion multiple times
Most memorable match
Many, mostly tough finals I won.
Previous Olympic Games competed and result
Toughest opponent I’ve faced
Asians players mostly
Sporting Awards/Honours
Multiple recognitions by the Instituto Peruano del Deporte for being part of the best athletes in Peru
Sporting Ambitions
Panam gold medal or maybe participate in the Olympics
Member of national team since
Pusarla Sindhu
A cause dear to me
Any Superstitions or Rituals?