Switzerland CB

Celine BURKART (79680)


Date of birth
Place of birth
Zug, Switzerland
Current Residence
Bern, Switzerland
Swiss German, German, French and English
International Debut (Senior)
Croatian International 2014
Play R or L
Right handed
When and where I began playing and why?
My parents played for fun and we went to play together in a badminton center in Switzerland.
When did you start competing or playing competitively?
As a junior in the U17 category.
Who has had the greatest influence on your career so far?
My family, they always support me.
Equipment Sponsor
Yonex - Nanoray 900
Memorable sporting achievement
first tournament victory (Swiss International 2016), competing at the 1st European Games in Baku (2015)
Most memorable match
My first European Championships (2016)
Toughest opponent I’ve faced
Chris and Gabrielle Adcock
Sporting Ambitions
To be Top 30
Member of national team since
Roger Federer
Any Superstitions or Rituals?
Doing the same warming up/preparation during tournaments.