Wales CT

Carissa TURNER (16062)


Date of birth
Place of birth
Cardiff, Wales
Current Residence
Cardiff, Wales
English and Welsh
International Debut (Senior)
Welsh International 2005
Play R or L
Right handed
When and where I began playing and why?
I was 8 years old and began playing at Penarth Juniors. My mum's friend suggested I join.
When did you start competing or playing competitively?
I started doing well when I was about 14
Who has had the greatest influence on your career so far?
There have been a few coaches so far; Stuart Dickson ran Penarth Juniors where I began playing and was a wonderful man full of encouragement. Top Indonesian player Irwansyah was my first proper coach and taught me from 13 – 18. Matthew Hughes ex Welsh International player is now my coach and has been since I was 18.
Memorable sporting achievement
My first big win on the International Circuit was at the Welsh International when I beat the then Indian no.2. Most memorable though would be both the Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014.
Most memorable match
Beating the then Indian no.2 at the Welsh International
Toughest opponent I’ve faced
My first senior cap was against Pi Honyan who was world no.4 at the time…I was 16.
Sporting Ambitions
European Circuit Win, European Championship Medal, Commonwealth Games Medal
Member of national team since
Wales since 2006
Kelly Morgan is a massive inspiration for me
Any Superstitions or Rituals?
I have to re-tie my shoe laces after the knock up and before the match